October 14, 2014

It is so easy when things aren’t going well to consider giving up or at least giving in to despair.  But it really is a terrible idea you never know when something is going to change.

I knit with a woman at the hospital who is in the long term care resident’s area.  She has been a knitter all of her life and when I first started to knit with her, she would knit and i would knit.  After a time she gave up interest in knitting and never wanted to resume.

A short while passed and she was given a skein of beautiful handdyed yarn and decided to make a scarf.  She started, but didn’t really have much interest in it.  And she had difficulty.  Eventually I was having to help her knit and I even had to sort of bribe her by knitting two rows for every one she knit.

Just this wek something changed.  She i now knitting away like when I first met her.  She needs no help and just zooms along.  It is such a blessing to see her busy and happy.

Today was the ultimae blessing.  She has been invited to the local Alaska Native sewing circle many times and never wanted to go.  Today when I called the hospital to see if she was up and wanted to knit, they told me she had gone to sewing circle.  Actually no one sews, they do all sorts of crafts.  I got there just as she was being unloaded from the resident van (they have a lift for her wheelchair).

She went in and immediately got busy and seemed to really enjoy being there.  It was such a nice surprise and such a turnaround.  We should never give up because  you never know when things are going to change and what a nice surprise it is when they do.  I thank God for a blessing in her life.

I peter 5:7; Psalm 34:17-20; II Corinthians 4:8-9


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