Today was a nice day.  We worked on diffusion in photography.  In the afternoon the sun was just right, but in the morning, not so much.  One of the boys in my class came to the rescue with a light board and turned the harsh stage lights on and we had no problem getting the shots we needed and diffusing the light.

I was surprised with a small birthday cake and a dozen red roses from the bank.  Everyone wrote me a sp eical note in the card which was really nice.

I heard from my family, recieved pictures in the mail along with some bags of nuts which I will enjoy using and I got email and mail cards too.

It was a very nice day and I felt special

I also got some homework accomplished which is a help too.  The women’s retreat is this weekend and I know I can’t go for all of it, but I want to go for some of it so I am trying to make a lot of headway on my forums and exam.  Since some friends are coming next week to do some things at my house I really neet to make headway on my assignments.

I am trusting that God will help me make the progress I need.

God bless you.


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