October 16, 2014

I received the nicest surprise today.

I was busy working at the computer when I heard a voice call my name.  I looked up and there was a woman from the bank carrying a birthday cake and a dozen red roses along with a birthday card filled with special wishes from each one at the bank.  I felt so special and was so surprised.  What a special gift on my birthday.

I also received special cards and phone calls from my family.  It was a special day indeed.

I love surprises and especially ones that come like this one out of the blue.  They are encouraging and make me smile.

I love those sites on the Internet that talk about paying it forward and giving random acts of kindness.  They are all aimed at cheering people  up and encouraging them.

I didn’t feel in the need of being cheered up, but I love encouragement and this was really special.

If you lack for ideas just look up some of those sites.  You’ll be glad  you did and whoever you decide to surprise will be extra glad you did too.  God bless you as you surprise and encourage others.

Thessalonians 5:11; Psalm 27:1, Psalm 55:22


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