I had every intention of writing this last night, but my computer was having so many problems, I could never get to the website to do it.  Thankfully, it is better now.

It was a good day, but a little rainy off and on.  There was enough sun in the afternoon for photographs, but not in the morning class which was too bad.

I had a busy day with school, meetings, homework and then I went to the first two games of the volleyball matches and then ran home and got my snack ready and then went to the women’s retreat.  I stayed for dinner, the games, devotion and then I went home. I was tired and had not planned to spend the night.

I am glad they had it.  They had a great attendance and everyone seemed to really be having a good time.  I think it was a great idea and the pastor’s wife did a good job leading it.  She had two other women who really helped with details and support. A couple in the church loaded a house in the bed and breakfast which made it really nice.

I got home and tried to use the computer and then I went to bed.

I am thankful for a good day.

God bless you.

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