October 18, 2014

I was thinking about listening this morning.  I have a tendency to talk to myself and to God a lot, but I got to thinking about the fact that I don’t listen as much as I talk.  I haves been criticized for this a lot lately and I know it is a real failing of mine and a problem I need to correct.  I want to be a better listener.  A friend told me to wear a rubber band on my arm and start flipping it to make me aware of the fact that I am not listening.  That might work with people in front of me, but I am not sure it will work at home.

I think I just need to concentrate on listening and remind myself of those verses in the Bible about being still and listening and knowing God is God.  The more I practice listening, the better listener I should become.  It ought to work like that.  Also if I practice listening, it will be like establishing a new  habit and really taking time to listen.  Part of my problem is interrupting when someone is talking to me so I have to work on that problem too.

Listening is a good thing and I need to think of it as something I am doing for someone else.  That will motivate me to do a better job of it.  It doesn’t seem to work to think about listening as changing myself.  But doing it for someone else should really help me I think.  I need to start right this minute and try that approach and see if it works.

The next time the phone rings I will remember to do just that.

Proverbs 18:13, James 1:19; Psalm 46:10






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