The day started out with a little rain, but ended with no rain and some sun in the afternoon which was very nice.

I got quite a bit of homework done.  I wanted to do some college work, but when I talked with the head guy in Valdez he said I had to wait to get more information before I could start work on the projects I had in mind.  That gave me more time for homework, but I really wanted to work on the college stuff.  He said he has a meeting and won’t be back until after tomorrow so I should be able to get homework done tomorrow too which will be gone since I have an assignment due tomorrow.

I am thankful for the way in which the Lord watches out for me.  It seems like this semester has more work than the others.  I think the other semesters had harder work, but this time it is a lot more work overall.  That doesn’t make it undoable, just something you have to constantly keep up with to make sure you don’t let anything fall through the cracks.

We had a ministry meeting tonight and it was good to get more plans firmed up.  We are going to have the hanging of the greens this year which will be a first for us.  I am eager to see how it will work.  I have heard about it often in my life, but never witnessed it.  It should be a really special time I think.

I am thankful for a busy day in which I got a lot accomplished.  I am thankful for the Lord’s care and wisdom.

God bless you.



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