October 22, 2014

We tried something new in photography today and several kids, one in particular, just gave up.  I tried to explain that all cameras are slightly different and they might have to try more than one setting to get the assignment done, but a couple of them just wouldn’t do that when they ran into trouble.  I wonder if these kids  are always like that.  I certainly hope not.

It is easy to see how kids just throw in the towel when it get to be a little harder.  I know that we need to be diligent in continuing to try in all of life and I think that is what makes this particularly hard.  I hate to see them just give up because it is not easy.

I remember my son when he was young wanting everything to be easy.  It took awhile before he realized that now everything in life is easy.  I think that is a common kid concept, but you would think as the kids get older that they would come to understand that not everything will go easily for them.    I think I need to engage them more and try to help them realize what life is really all about.  It is doing your best and continuing to try even when it gets tough.  This one kid is a christian so I will try to get him alone and really lay it out for him.  I hope that helps.

Colossians 3:23-24; 2 Timothy 2:15


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