Today was another busy day.  It was pretty cold all day, but sunny in the afternoon.

We went outside in photography to learn how to take photos of water.  We couldn’t go to a waterfall so we lined up on the school street and I threw cups of water out and the kids had to make the water freeze in their first shots and then be blurry like it was a waterfall flowing.  I think they had fun and they did do a good job with the photos.

We have been working on action and blurring the backgrounds and keeping the subject in focus all week long.

We had a problem with a misunderstanding earlier in the week and it took a little work today, but hopefully it will be OK eventually.

They school pictures were passed out and makeups will be next week or the week after.  I think my friend is coming next week too so I am trying to get a lot of schoolwork done so I won’t feel pushed at the end.  I found out I have to attend a two day class for FEMA training just when my exams are due and I also have to do an online class before I start the training.  Thankfully I should be done with my big papers, portfolio and my exams and just need to turn them in at that time.  I will be so glad to finish this up.

I am thankful for a good day and for the Lord’s help.

God bless you.




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