Today was a nice sunny day.  The photography kids did a little work outside, but it was pretty cold so they didn’t want to stay out long.

Good News kids was big as usual but I got another helper to come and work with the other two on the craft project which was painting.  It went well.

KOK was not very big as usual, but I am thinking of changing it to after school on a different afternoon and then doing some crafts.  I don’t know it it will work or not, but it is worth a try.

I had a big meeting today so I had less time for homework, but I still got some done.

Tonight I got the guy who is friends with another guy in prison so he could talk to him, but the other guy never called.  Who knows what’s up with that, but it is truly not a big thing.

I am thankful for a good day and for the blessings of the Lord.

God bless you.


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