It was cold today, but still sunny.  Just not very warm according to feel and the temperature.  It is in the thirties most of the day.  It is now time to scrape the windows.  Thankfully I have a nice garage so I do not have to scrape in the morning, but to come home from school I must get out my trusty scraper and get busy.

I worked on homework almost all day and most of the evening too.  I got the exam ready to post in the morning and the two forums.  Now I can get back to work on other projects/assignments and some photo jobs I need to work on.

The custodian gave me some of her newly created cauliflower/cheese/green bean soup for my supper.  It was good.

I take her treats all the time so I am sure she wanted to share with me too.

A friend brought me some pumpkin pie spiced, chocolate covered almonds and they are quite tasty.  I have to watch myself so I don’t go hogwild eating them.  They are really good.  I found a recipe for homemake pumpkin pie latte syrup so I am going to try making it.

I am thankful for a very productive day and for the help of my friend at the college who solved some of my word documenting woes.  They baffled her at first, but she figuered them out thankfully.  I was very happy.

God bless you.


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