Today was a busy day.

I worked on a class for the college and it took a lot of emails and a lot of working on one particular form to get the whole thing together.  I think at last we are good to go, but when I got home I found another email and I will deal with it in the morning.  Then for sure it should be OK.  At least I hope so.

I stopped to vote before I went to the college.  They were already busy at 8:03.  I made some peanutbutter banana chocolate chip muffins to take, but when I went in I was stunned by the number of people working the election.  I thought there would be 5 or 6 and it was more like 10 or 12.  Fortunately I had more in the car I had planned to give to someone else, but I just went out and got them another big plate and brought it in.

I read the election book while I walked on the treadmill so I felt like I was comfortable voting on all the issues.  SOmeone asked when we would know the results of the election and they guessed three days. I thought we would know tomorrow at the latest.

I went to the hopsital to knit, but my friend was still in bed napping so I visited with another woman.  They did get my friend up and I talked to her while I knitted until I had to go.  She got her dinner, but  they chopped up her ham so small she didn’t want to taste it.  I wonder if she ever did eat it. In all honesty it didn’t look that terrible to me, but I am not a big ham lover to begin with so what do I know.

I came home, ate and then got to work on this week’s assignment.  TOmorrow I take missed pics and any retakes so I won’t be doing much homework.  I have two rough drafts pretty done and I just need to edit a few more times.  The other draft is still not finished so I need to get moving on it.  Now that we are in November I have less time and it will be due the first part of December.

I was going to use my new light stands for the background tomorrow, but a friend I asked to help me enlarge the hole said that method won’t work so I will have to come up with a different strategy.

I am thankful for a great day and for being able to accomplish so much.

God bless you.


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