It has been rainy today, but I never seem to notice it because our office has no windows at the college and now that the high school library is not used, they keep it dark so we don’t see out our door to the windows.  It is always rather a surprise when you do finally leave the building and discover what the weather is like.

When we go outside in Digital photography I see the weather, but we have been doing a lot of work in the classroom and now in the conference room where we are setting up lights so I haven’t been outside during the day.  In some ways it is really a little strange, but I am pretty used to it.

Even the entrance to the college is through the athletic director’s office and the old library office which are both dark much of the time.  It is all a little odd overall.

We worked on college work, some photo stuff and when I got home tonight I have been working on my Portfolio for teaching in the Sociology of the Family course.  It is pretty lengthy (34 pages), but it is very intersting and I think it will be a big help to me as I teach those classes again in the fall next year.

I went to go knit, but my friend was napping and did not want to be awakened as she had gone for her nap rather late so I came home earlier than usual and that’s how I managed to get so much done I think.  I am thankful this is ready to be edited.  Now I will get to work on my other big paper for the other class.  I have it started, but it is not ready for editing.

I am thankful for a good, productive day. I pray all is well with you.

God bless you.


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