I got up early to make the cinnamon rolls and then I decided to make a loaf of banana bread to take to the family who lost the Mom.

We had a big crowd at Sunday School and church too which was nice.  This was the Sunday to bring extra treats for coffee hour, but there was so much left from Friday night’s dinner that everyone got an email saying not to bring anything.  That gave me extra time for the banana bread which was nice.

We had several visitors and we used up all the small loaves of bread that had been frozen so I will have to make more for next Sunday .  We give all the newcomers a bag with a loaf of bread, a church cup, a New Testament and some other information in it when they come.

After church I went to the hospital to knit with my friend.  She decided to knit too which was good.  SHe is making hats for her daughters for Christmas. She told me she was going to have to get busy and I agreed.  I knitted too, but she needed a lot of help so I did not get as much done as usual, but I was happy to see her working on her project.

After I left I went to drop off the bread.  The man commented that he felt like a train wreck.  I know how that feels.  His son did not come out of his room.  I had heard from others that it was really hard for him which I don’t doubt.  I think I was younger than he is when my Mother died so I have some idea of how he feels, but my mother had been ill and this was a sudden thing so I think it is harder.

I came home and did my comments on the forum for this week and then watched the video we have to watch to write our paper on it.  I just need to think about it a bit and then I can do it.  I am hoping to do it in the morning.

I had seven kids for evening church tonight from age 1 to 10.  It went well and we talked about Eutychus falling out of the third story window.  The kids were surprised he died.  I think that shows me they have no real concept of how far that is to fall and how terrible it would be.  I wasn’t surprised the little ones didn’t understand it, but I thought the two older kids would have understood.  Ah well.  I have my work cut out for me.

It was a good day and I am thankful for  God’s blessings.

God bless you.


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