November 10, 2014

Until my sister in law mentioned it yesterday I had forgotten that tomorrow is Veterans Day.  It is not a holiday for the school calendar or the college and I think that is why it slipped my mind.  Then I got a really great aerial photo of Lambeau Field where the Green Bay Packers play with this huge tribute from the entire stands.  It was quite amazing.  My friend who sent it was pretty upset that ESPN never mentioned the display when they televised the game last weekend.

It does seem that a lot of people just treat the day as another day rather than remember the people and their service for our country.  I know when I am around my daughter’s family I remember a lot of important events like that because my son in law is in the Army and those he is around are of course keen on all holidays like Veterans Day.

I know that at the high school the history and government teachers typically do something in class to call the students’ attention to the the which I think is a good thing.  I remember hearing some of the students complain and I thought at the time that it is too bad they don’t realize the significance of these days in the history of our country.

It seems that it is all too easy to get caught up in the affairs of your own life and miss the important moments in the lives of others.  That is a real shame because it says something about us that is not very good.  If we are too busy to think of our country, the sacrifices and the lives of others, it reflects poorly on us.

I was reading in my Bible this morning about the Hebrews Paul was writing to.  He was encouraging them to never forget the meaning and significance of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for us and I thought then how easily people forget all sorts of things they should remember.  I am sure there are those who forget Christ and his sacrifice and what a pity that is.

We need to take each day and remember it for every little nuance of meaning it might have for our lives.  We live in a pretty amazing world and we cannot let ourselves become complacent.  We need to pay attention and remember each and every day and thank the Lord for the blessings we enjoy and seek to never take them for granted.

Philippians 1:3-5; Luke 2:19


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