November 12, 2014

We never know how God is going to answer our prayers or how quickly.  Today I had an interesting experience when I went to the hospital to knit with a friend.

She was unhappy about her expected dinner as it was fried chicken and she told me she didn’t like any chicken.

Her dinner arrived and the CNA lifted the lid and there was a bowl of chopped lettuce and tomatoes.  There was another one just a bit smaller on the try too.  It was part of the expected dinner.

I had just prayed with her as I usually do before I leave and I had asked God to send her something other than chicken for her dinner.  She looked at the two salads and at me and gave a little chuckle.  I said, ‘God answered your prayer.”  “And pretty fast,” she replied.

I asked if having two salads was all right.  She assured me that it was better than all right.  It was perfect.  I mean that was all she had period.  I actually thought maybe she would think it was a little skimpy, but I think the sheer fact that there was no chicken of any form on her tray was the best part of the dinner an she was satisfied.

The CNA told me she had been telling her repeatedly that she didn’t want chicken.  I know they usually try to honor likes and dislikes but I thought they might send some other form of chicken.  I was glad to see they did not and my friend was quite happy.

God answered her prayer in a positive way and very quickly, just a matter of minutes.  What a nice reminder that even our requests are very important to him.  He knew she needed something other than chicken and it really affirmed his love for her in a special way.  When I first asked if I could pray for her she told me if I wanted to.  Now I think she welcomes prayer and always holds my hand and tells me thank you.  I am so thankful for her changing response.  I pray for some of the others too if they want me to.

What a blessing for me to have this privilege.

John 15:7; Mark 11:24; Luke 11:9


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