November 19, 2014

Once again I had an experience which tells me that I am truly not a digital native.

I tried to get the kids in photography to learn how to take product shots.  Many of them had never heard of a catalog and had no idea what I was talking about.

Later it dawned on me that it’s no wonder they don’t know about catalogs, they shop online on the Internet.  Then in the next class a girl was looking at a pair of boots and talking to another girl in class after they finished their assignment.  I asked her to show me what she had been looking at.  I told her this was a product shot.  “It is?”  she asked.  “This is a product shot.”  I am sure the terminology is new too, but that is not the surprising thing.

Once she looked at the boots and the different other pairs on the page and then looked at the actual photograph of them, she started to tell me about the background, use of flash etc.  She understood what I was trying to teach, but I fear she is one of the only ones who really understood.

It seems like you have to really be on your toes in today’s world if you are not the age of the typical Digital Native who I suspect is anyone under 30.  I just never thought of it that way before and I can see that I need to try to be more in tune with today if I really want to connect my lessons with the students.

I think Jesus taught in parables for that very reason.  He wanted to connect with the people in the crowd and give them an opportunity to understand.  We need to apply this to all sorts of situations today if we too want to connect with those around us.

James 1:19; Proverbs 12:15; 19:27;18:13


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