November 20, 2014

Paper.  It seems to be the bane of my existence.  Perhaps that is not the correct word.  Maybe paper is the dilemma I need to come to grips with.  The point is that there is too much paper in my life.

I print off all sorts of copies of articles and assignments I have to read and keep track of.  My  mailbox is stuffed regularly with magazines, catalogs and all sorts of mail.  There is always paper to deal with at school.  It seems like there is paper everywhere overflowing every surface.

I can easily see why the college wants to be paper free and is constantly encouraging employees to do direct deposit, to look our for the trees, to read online.

We do use far too much paper, that is for certain.  I seldom copy anything for my classes and chose instead to write on the Whiteboard in the classroom.  The kids just run up to the front of the room and take a shot of it with the cell phones if they want to remember the assignment.  They take screen shots of work in their computer to turn in and avoid printing things out.

It is a different world we live in, yet there is still an abundance of paper in this world and it seems like there is always more to deal with no matter how hard you try to have less.

The wonderful, upside of this problem is that we can hold a copy in our hands and read to make sense of it.  We can can use technology to cut down on paper use.  We can find ways to organize the paper we do have.

I am thankful for paper, for stationery to write notes on encouraging others, for articles to read and underline as I do my homework.  I am also thankful I can read in my Kindle and not buy books to hold in my hands although I do like to do that on occasion.  I am thankful I can cut down on paper waste and use the whiteboard.

Like everything in our world, there is much to be thankful for and much to consider in using a different way.  The best part is that we have the ability to think it over and make decisions that are wise and not foolish, to seek to know what is the best option for our lives.

Proverbs 16:9; 19:21; Philippians 4:8


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