November 21, 2014

Tonight we watched a really funny movie, “Moms Night Out” at the Christian Center.  It had a great message too, and it was quite hilarious.

I could only hear myself laughing, but when it was over, other people told me they had laughed too.  Maybe not just very loud.

I do know I have a loud laugh.  There is a lady at the hospital nursing home who is quite irritated by my laugh.  In fact she hates for me to laugh and often has something to say about it and tells me to leave.  I think maybe the sound must be hard on her ears because none of the other residents is bothered by my laugh.  It is usually from something they are watching on television or something one of them says to me, but for whatever reason my laugh annoys her.

Be that as it may, I think laughter is such a wonderful gift God has given us.  It is so much nicer to laugh than to be upset and there are so many people I see who seem upset.  I have one class in school and they seem upset a lot.  I am always trying to get them to lighten up a little.  It just does no good to go around upset and negative all the time.  Being able to laugh and to laugh at yourself is so much better I think.

The Bible talks about laughter a lot and we know that it is mentioned often so that just reminds me what a wonderful blessing it is.

Watch “Moms’ Night Out” or read a funny book and enjoy the gift of laughter.

Proverbs 17:22; 15:3; Psalm 47:1; 12:3


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