November 22, 2014

I love the way God answers prayer even before you pray it.

I went to visit my friend at the hospital and she was watching television.  Not long before I was going to leave a program came on about crafts.  I thought from what she said that it was going to be about traditional Alaska Native crafts, but I soon saw that this was not the case.  The lady was making Christmas ornaments with her grandchild.

Once I started to really watch I realized she was making a little wreath and then a candycane from beads.  I recognized them as crafts that we have received from other church for our annual bazaar and I also realized that I knew how to make them and that we probably have the supplies in my craft closet at the church.  I plan to look tomorrow morning.

But the best part was that here were two really easy crafts I could add to the Advent Fair at no cost and it would be something that the kids would love to do and that we could do easily.  Lots of times I buy kits for this events, but I have many left from other years that I plan to put out and I like to have new ideas for the kids too.  Some kids come every year and others are new every year.  This will be great for those who come often and the kits will work for those who are new.

We usually decorate sugar cookies every year which is a big favorite and I had already figured out two other crafts that will be fun and inexpensive to make.  I have a friend who is out of town and she is going to bring me some Christmas duct take to use in some simple, but fun ornaments I saw online the other day.

I am all set I think and that is great because the big day is this coming Saturday.

God truly does answer prayer in advance.

Mark 11:24; i jOHN 5:14-15


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