November 23, 2014

The other day I went to the store and when I went to check out the register said I owed $7435. 16.  I know things are pricey in Cordova, but nt that pricey.  I told the clerk I couldn’t pay the bill.  She looked at me and then I told her to look at the register.  “Oh,”  she said, ‘I guess not.”  But she was unable to fix it to be the correct amount.  S he tried and tried to no avail.  Finally she called one of the other checkers over and that young woman came to the rescue. She is someone I know quite well so she worked her magic and soon it was for the correct amount $23.45.

Who knows what happened, but it was really quite funny and a mystery.  In all the years I have lived here I have seen several errors at the checkstand, but never one quite that large.  It was definitely memorable.

It is funny the strange things that happen in life and it is also funny how different people take them.  The person who came to the assistance of the person checking me out thought that the whole incident was pretty funny as I did.  But the woman who was the checker with the error did not find it funny at all and I did not say anything other than to call it to her attention.  I don’t know if she was upset that there was an error.  I don’t think she made it.  But she was definitely not laughing as I and the other young woman was.  I thought it was pretty funny.  Maybe that is what made her so serious–my laughing.  I certainly hope not as I realized it was not her fault.

I probably will never know why it upset her, but I do know that laughing is a lot better than being upset.  There is too much real stuff in the world to be upset about.  Something that you have no control over is definitely nothing to stress over.  Looking back I wish now I had found something to say to reassure her that all was well.  I will remember that for the future.

Proverbs 15:1; I Corinthians 14:33


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