November 24, 2014

I’ve started to receive Christmas cards and I am not prepared to answer them.  I always try to write my Christmas letter early so I will be ready to answer the greetings I receive.  With all the college work I have to finish before the end of the semester I haven’t really given any thought to a Christmas letter.  Yet, I know I am probably going to have to take time to accomplish it or I will be woefully behind by the time the semester end rolls around.

I have two huge papers to turn in and they are in the final stages of editing and rewriting.  Then I have one exam started and in the rough draft stage and an assignment PowerPoint that is halfway finished.  I have another exam, but it hasn’t been released yet so I have no idea what it will require or how long it will be.  The exam for the other class has to be 6 pages and cannot be longer than 10.  My rough draft is now 9 which suits me all right.

I really am in a pretty good state right now.  All of this comes due in the next two weeks so I just have to get things firmed up and ready to post on the Internet.

Maybe I can squeeze in a little time to write a Christmas letter, but I also have to squeeze in Christmas practices at the church and also be at the college all day as my admin has the next two days off.  Thankfully we will have Thursday and Friday off too so that will be good.  The Advent Fair is Saturday, but I feel pretty prepared for it.  I just need to get some help with moving the tables and chairs and setting up.

I know the key here is to truly trust God for what I think I need to accomplish and he will direct my path.  I received two grades back in the one class and one in the other and they were all good which is a true blessing from the Lord.

I am really working on letting go and letting God take charge and seeking not to take control back myself.  This whole college online experience has been good for me in developing this trust and faith.  It hasn’t been easy in that sense.  I am trying my hardest not to worry or fret or think it isn’t going to turn out all right.  I know it is and I really give God the glory.

I want to find ways and things to give God the glory for each and every day.

Hebrews 1:3; Philippians 2:9-11; John 11:40



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