It was nice most of the day, but the rain returned tonight.

Today was a busy day, but I got a lot of homework done.  There’s nothing like not having a bunch of meetings to give a person more time. Plus being the only person there most of the day means no talking to anyone which is good for work too.

After school I ran home and made soup for Pastor Charley’s wife.  She has pneumonia, the flu and they are afraid she also has TB.  That would be terrible.  I am praying mightily that the last diagnosis is wrong.

Then I ran to the  place where they were getting a puppet theatre out and trying to put it together.  It is huge and I am not sure how it will work as it seems like is is made for kids and not grownups and marionettes and not hand puppets, but I guess we will see eventually.

Then I went to the practice for the performance.  One of the key puppets is sick and several others did not come.  I am practicing being stress free and not worrying and letting God be totally in charge.  It is hard, but I keep working on it and so far I am doing pretty OK.

Once I got home I had a telephone message and took care of that and now I am almost ready for bed.

It was a really good productive day and I am very thankful.  Tomorrow we have a half day at the high school and the college so that will be great.

God bless you.


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