I got up early so I could get the rest of the preparations finished and have time for my Bible reading too.

I picked up Patrick and we went to church.  There was a really good crowd which was nice.

Then I came home and finished up the last minute things and went to pick Patrick up.  Soon my other guests arrived and we sat down to the meal.  Everyone seemed to like it and even the pastor’s little son found several things he enjoyed very much.  Cole slaw, mashed potatoes and gravy and cranberry relish with orange in it as well as dressing and gravy.  I was surprised.

Patrick did all of the dishes and after the others left we  put the leftovers away, got the turkey carcass ready to give away and talked for awhile.  Then I took him home and came back.

Eventually I went to the hospital to see my friend.  Her daughter and son-in-law were there visiting, but I stayed awhile and then came home.

Tomorrow Patrick goes to court about his driver’s license so I need to be ready to pick him up on time.  I am hoping it goes well and that the judge rules in his favor.

The sun shone so brightly during dinner that I had to position the guests where the sun would not be in their eyes at the table.

It was a good day and a very nice Thanksgiving.  I am so thankful.

God bless you.  I hope your day was wonderful too.



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