November 28, 2014

Today was a great a day of answered prayer.

Patrick got a waiver to take his driving test in a vehicle without an IED in it.  The district attorney argued that the DMW inspector would know if he was intoxicated.  I agree that that should be the case and since he does not drink any more that should not be an issue.  This will make it easier for him to get his driver’s license.  He already has a waiver to drive an employer’s vehicle so he should be set soon.  Of course he could not do it today as they only offer road tests Tuesday through Thursday and you have to make an appointment so he will have to wait until next week.

The our pastor’s wife had a negative TB test which means she does not have TB or latent TB according to the PA who took care of her.  It is a simple case of pneumonia which is not good, but could be so much worse.  I am so thankful for this answer to prayer.  They should be getting the news about travel times and dates to pick up their new little adopted boy from Taiwan and if she had had TB she could not have traveled for over six months.  That would have been terrible.

So today was a great day of answered prayers.

I was also thankful just for a day of slower pace.  I did some  homework, but it was not as intense as normal when I have a lot less time.  This was a blessing.

I wonder if we miss blessings because we are so intent on the big things we are concerned about and we don’t see the smaller things which are no doubt just as significant.  Maybe in the Lord’s view they are more significant.  We will never know, but just the thought should cause us to look at things differently.

Mark 11:24; I John 5:14-15; John 15:7; Matthew 7:7


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