Today was a windy, rainy day.  I think there was some snow in the night because I heard the sand truck this morning, but not the plow so I assumed it was not a large amount.  I guess from the news there is quite a bit in Anchorage, but we definitely have less which is good.

I talked to my sister in law for her birthday today and she told me Southern California was having a nice rainstorm today so I am sure that will cool things down a bit.  Rain warms things up for us.  It was 37 instead of 27 like the day before when I went to school.

I did a little homework, but since I had a bit of a break I worked on the ICS 700 and ICS 800 tests and got those taken care of.  A friend at church told me to open two windows on the computer at the same time and I could look at the notes and the test and it would really speed things up and she was right.  Now there is a possibility that the ICS 400 which is an inperson class and one I have to take for the college might not be given next week, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.   I am sure it will all work out.

After I got a haircut this afternoon, I went to the church to knit with my friend.  I was a little later than usual and she was up in the dining room.  Their dinner was quite late in arriving and eventually I told her I had to leave.  She understood and I checked and the dinner was coming down the hall.

I came home to get my own dinner heated and then called my sister in law.

I am thankful for a great day and for the blessing of the Lord.

I pray you had a good day too.  God bless you.


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