December 5, 20114

It’s easy to give advice, but a lot harder to take it.  I have been used to directing the puppeteers for years and years and tonight I found myself in the role of the puppeteer and I can tell you it is not as easy as it looks.  The worst part was not being able to see what I was doing as it was a different type of stage than we usually have and the lighting was terrible so I couldn’t read the script very well.

I always tell my puppeteers that if you can read well, even if you can’t make the mouth work properly, it won’t be as noticeable as if you get stuck reading.  I am afraid both things happened to me tonight.

Tomorrow I am going to take a light and also make a copy of the script for myself.  We had three people trying to share one script and it was pretty tricky.  My puppet’s mouth needs work too.

I asked a friend wh0 is playing violin to tell me what I needed to improve and she did.  I then practiced in front of her.  Now if I can get it tomorrow I will be happy.  I may not be in the play at all if the ferry gets back on time Sunday, but if it doesn’t, I will be a sheep and the main one at that.  I need to do a good job.  Maybe I will go early and practice by myself.  I think that will help a lot.  I am glad I thought of it.

I will remember that giving advice is easier than taking it the next time I talk to the puppeteers on Sunday morning.

Psalm 37:23 32:8


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