December 7, 2014

Tonight was the church’s Christmas program.  It was unusual in that it was a puppet play musical.  Many of the singers were adults, some were teens.  All of the puppeteers were adults with one exception, the pig was a kid.  Some of the puppeteers had to be recruited at the last minute as in just one practice before the program since the ferry did not run today.  But the wonderful thing is that it went really really well and everyone like it and those who were in it and those who were singers and could see all the puppeteers thought it was well done.

What a blessing that was!  I knew it would be good.  God never lets us down.  And I remember one of our music directors from long telling me you never want a good last rehearsal, your performance won’t be as good as you want it to be.  Now I am sure that is superstition and I don’t believe in superstition, but I always remember her telling me that before every performance for everything we ever did.  I guess it is stuck in my mind.  I am so thankful everything was well done.  The music stopped twice but the singers kept singing and when the music started up they were right in sync with it.  The puppeteer (a cow) standing next to me whispered, “Wow”  I told her it was a God thing. She agreed.

A young couple played Mary and Joseph and she managed to come in looking pregnant and then turn and pretend the baby was being born and bring out a baby wrapped in cloths.  It was pretty amazing and well done.  “Joseph” told me thanks for letting them be in the program.  It meant a lot to him.  I thought that was quite awesome.

One little girl whispered to her grandma when I was speaking, “I know who Tiny is.  That’s Miss Susan.”  I was a sheep.  And I am sure my voice is very recognizable

One little girl who is in foster care brought her Mom and Dad and her mom brought three hot dishes for the fellowship time after the program.  The rest were cookies, but she had a special pasta dish with ham, cheesy bread and another dish with a red sauce.  It was quite good.  I was so glad to see her starting to be a part of things at church.  She comes every week and never came before her little girl was in foster care.  I certainly hope she continues once the little girl goes back to her.  What a blessing that is to see her there every Sunday.

The Lord brings blessings in many ways and often in ways we don’t expect, but isn’t that part of his wonder and majesty.

Philippians 4:19; James 1:17; Luke 6:38


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