December 10, 2014

The promise of tomorrow.  As I was writing those words it made me stop and think.  If we all thought about the promise of tomorrow how much better we would be.  The promise of tomorrow is the coming of Jesus to earth again.  It is answered prayer.  It is a new beginning, it is the Lord’s compassion which is new every  morning, it is the hope of a new beginning, of a new chance to try again.

If we can just think about the promise of tomorrow, we don’t have to worry about something that might never come to pass.  We can be positive and enthusiastic and look for all the good that Jesus created for us to enjoy.

The wonderful thing about tomorrow is that there is always a new opportunity to try again, to look for a way to do your best, to find out what God wants for you to do that very day.

I love the idea of the promise of tomorrow.  It is Jesus’s best ready and waiting for us and expecting us to do our best.

The promise of tomorrow.

Lamentations 3:23


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