December 13, 2014

I attended a wedding today and it was so beautiful it just made you feel good sitting there waiting for it to begin.  Every woman who attended was presented with a white or red rose which was a lovely gesture and so thoughtful. The church was decorated with so many little lights and the white aisle runner was flanked by more little lights, rose petals and tulle covering the lights . It was in swags held up by small wrought iron posts.  It was quite nice and a very beautiful setting for the ceremony.  The men wore deep red shirts with a tie and a boutonniere and the women wore matching red dresses and carried white roses.  The bride carried a red rose nosegay.

Everyone was escorted up the outside aisle so no one walked on the white aisle runner until after the bride did.  The little flower girl wore white and had a bouquet waiting for her after she threw the rose petals.  The little ring bearer matched the men.

The other thing about it was that no one seemed in a hurry even though it did not begin on time.  It was just quiet and lovely with music playing and everyone waiting expectantly.

I think making those who come comfortable and honored is a great thing to do and more people could look at this idea and make it their own.  It certainly was nice for the guests.

We need to think about those who attend events and make it special for them as well as for those who are the main ones being honored.

Psalm 8


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