December 14, 2014

Have you ever lost something you were positive you had and put away carefully?  I got a flash card for my camera and I looked high and low  several times and could not find it in my camera bag.  Once I got home, I put the bag on the counter and then went through it again.  Still no card, but then I did it one more time and sure enough there was another zipper pocket and the card was right there where I put it initially.

I    wonder why that happens.  I truly thought I was being methodical in my search and I was not hurrying, but I simply did not see the zippered pocket.  Part of it had to be the fact that the camera bag was new to me, but even ten you would think I could really see a zippered pocket.  It was even mesh and the card should have been apparent, but it was not to me.

I have had this experience other times in my life and I have learned to slow down and make a careful, methodical search, but like this time it took several tries before I saw it.

I think it is because we really are going faster than we think we are and maybe it is also because we don’t ask Jesus when we start.  I confess that I did not ask for his help at first.

All of this makes me realize that I need to turn to Jesus first no matter what I am doing.

Matthew 7:7-21


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