Today was a busy day.

I got up early to get as much done before school as possible.  I got most of my suitcase packed, then I went to the church and posted the new sign in the window and get the Santa envelopes which I forgot yesterday.

I went to school and started on the bazaar thank yous and the Santa notes, prepared for class and then had a meeting.  After class I had another meeting, more class and then I went to the church for GNK and KOK.

We talked a lot about Christmas and the meaning of Jesus coming to earth and the fact that he lives in our lives and I talked to them about our God being alive and also about the fact that he only tells us to do good things.  SOme of the kids had been asking questions at home that I heard about so I wanted to talk to them about this.

They were pretty quiet and had a lot of questions which is good I think.

It was a good time and I am glad we were able to have the film of the birth of Jesus.  It was interesting the difference between the one for the younger kids and the older kids, but in many ways they were the same.  The wisemen part of the story was the most different.  Even though I have seen them a lot of times before, I don’t think I realized that .

I am hopeful the children will remember what they learned today.

It was a great day and I  am thankful for it.

God bless you.



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