December 15, 2014

I have shown a lot of children’s videos of Bible stories in my life and today I showed two different ones I have seen many times in the past.

I don’t think I ever realized just how different they are in spite of seeing them often.

Both videos showed the angel’s visit to Mary, the trip to Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus and the angels’ visit to the shepherds and their visit to Jesus.

The biggest difference came with the wisemen part of the story. The part about them visiting Herod was not different, but in the one video they wisemen came from different parts of the world and met on the way just outside of Bethlehem.  In the other they started out and arrived together.

The video for the older kids had the part about Herod going after the little boys, but the other one did not include this part which is understandable.

I am always surprised by some of the things that videos include that aren’t in the Bible, but I try to help the children understand this as I can.

I love using videos like these as it helps the children put things into perspective usually.  One little girl today said we celebrate Christmas for our families and for love.  In a way that is a little bit correct.  It is for the love that God showed to us, but I don’t think she meant it like that.  I really worked hard to help the kids understand the great significance of Jesus coming to the world.

In one video Anna and Simeon were there before Jesus was born and afterward.  In the other video there was no mention of either one of them.  The kids never even mentioned them in our time of sharing after the film which was interesting to me.

I think we have to use the tools we have available to help us teach children to learn and we have to let them help us discover what they need to know.  Their questions usually guide them.

It was a great experience sharing with them and helping answer their questions and to encourage them to really think and ponder what they saw.

Matthew 1:18-2:12


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