I’d better catch up.  December 16 I flew from Cordova to Anchorage and then later in the day on to Seattle.  I finally arrived there about midnight and went to the hotel.  The girls were quite funny at the hotel telling me how horribly cold it was.  It was in the forties and I told them I was not cold.  They said if they came to Alaska they would just go inside and never come out.  I thought that was quite funny.  Of course people always think Alaska is cold, but on the Southcentral coast where I live it is pretty moderate and never really cold very often.

After a night’s stay I went to the airport in the morning and flew to Virginia where my daughter and oldest granddaughter met me and took me home with them.  We had dinner and then went right to Stephen’s band concert.  After we got home we had ice cream.  The band did well, but it was not very well attended from what I could see.  It was in a large auditorium and the audience was sprinkled throughout the seating area.  We usually have a lot larger audience in Cordova, but there are not as many competing events there either so that may make a difference.

I was happy to be here at last.  It was nice to come at Christmas.  I have never been away on Christmas day in all the years I have lived in Alaska so it is quite different for me.

Yesterday the 18th we spent getting ready for the big kids party which is Friday.  I made all sorts of cookies and stored them so we can put them out for the kids when they come after school.  Nancy did all sorts of jobs around the house to get ready and Anna helped.  It is nice to have her home from college where she is a junior.  It seems hard to believe she will graduate next year in June.  Her brother David will graduate from high school this year in June.

After dinner we worked on finishing the tree with decorations and I made a brownie treat because David and Rachel both had to take some type of cookie to school for the last day.

It will be fun to see this party in action.  Nancy is going to feed them hamburgers and hot dogs and she can grill on the deck so that will be nice.  There will all the fixings to make little gingerbread houses out of graham crackers so that will be fun.  I plan to take a lot of pictures.

It has been a great few days and I am thankful for God’s watchcare over us all.

God bless you.


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