December 17, 2014

When I arrived in Virginia I was greeted by a beautiful bouquet of roses and carnations with some Christmas ribbon and balls and greenery.  It was quite lovely and the card did not indicate who it was from.  But I guessed it had to be from my sister in law since it was the anniversary of my husband-her brother’s- birthday.  I called her to confirm my guess and she said it was from her and she had realized that she forgot to sign her name.

It was a very thoughtful thing for her to do and I appreciated her love and kindness.  It is very beautiful and Christmasy and such a nice reminder of her love.  I truly appreciate it.

Several times in Cordova I have had people remember a date or an anniversary of some event in the past and have appreciated their kindness.  I don’t know if they write these things down or if they just have good memories, but they certainly are kind and it makes me feel very appreciated to have them thinking of me.

I always wonder why more of us do not do these things for others.  I know I need to write down these dates as I can remember the approximate time of the month, but I am certainly not accurate.  I think if we realized how much these small acts of kindness meant to people we might take more time in our busy lives to do this act of remembering.  I know the bouquet of flowers is making me realize how special this act of kindness really is.

I Timothy 1:12


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