December 18, 2014

Just last week I finally finished all of my graduate school classes and even though I had plenty to do to get ready for my trip, I sort of felt at loose ends.  I was just so used to having to use every spare minute for the work and the approaching deadlines.

I spent all of Thursday making cookies.  I have really  missed being able to cook and bake.  I love to do that.  I have made the weekly cinnamon rolls and I did manage to make and deliver bread to the grieving families, but that was the extent of my kitchen use.

I had so much fun making all these cookies. It was great fun to just bake and bake. We are getting ready for the big kid party Friday and the cookies will be dessert.  I made spritz, chocolate chip, snickerdoodle bars and chocolate mint layered brownies.  Then I made brownies with a thick frosting and peppermint top for Rachel and David to take to school.

It was great fun and I really felt joyful baking and getting things ready for Nancy.

I had been dreaming about baking and I don’t think I got my fill, but I certainly got a start.  It was wonderful.

Philippians 2:14-15


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