After a busy day of baking yesterday, today we got ready for the kids’ party.  Apparently they have done this for several years.  We have the ingredients for the royal icing which will keep the gingerbread houses together.  We have all the decorations for the houses and we have the food ready for the most part.

While Nancy was ferrying kids back and forth I got the dips and the other food out on trays along with the cookies. Rachel’s friends started first as they were the first ones home.  They built these huge houses and I began to wonder if we would have enough graham crackers.  It turned out that before the party was over we needed 7 more boxes of graham crackers and 4 more bags of powdered sugar.  The kids made huge houses and David’s friends who numbered 13 in all had to make smaller houses.  It was a lot of people in a medium sized space.  They ate a lot of hamburgers and hotdogs, cookies and chips and made a lot of houses.  Some were quite creative and very interesting.  It was really something.

Of course there was a lot of clean up and a lot of sugar clean up too, but it was worth it.  Everyone had a great time and it was lots of fun.

Some of the kids had never had such an experience before and they seemed to really like making gingerbread houses.

It was a busy and productive day

I hope your days was good

God bless you.





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