December 20, 2014

One of the things Nancy’s family does every night is pray for the countries listed in Operation World.  I remember them doing this when I was here over a year ago.  It lists the various countries of the world and the needs as well as the good things and it is always eye-opening to me to hear these items.  I confess I do not know much of this information and it is helpful to be informed and to realize the needs of the world around us.

It is a blessing to be able to pray for others and to be specific in those pray requests and to be able to pray prayers of thanksgiving for the good things that are happening around the world too.

I am going to look into getting myself a book like this to use in the coming year and to help guide my daily prayer life as well as requests from those around me at home.

We can never be too specific in our prayers for others and it is good, I think, to realize what others beyond our daily world impact the world around us.

I am thankful that we can always pray.  I remember a little girl in my 5th grade class years and years ago lamenting to me that we couldn’t pray in school.  I told her we could pray in our minds and that no one could ever stop that.  She was amazed.  I hope all people realize that this privilege is always available to us and that we always are able to pray. What a blessing and a joy that is for me.

Matthew 6:6


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