December 22, 2014

Some of Nancy’s Bible study friends came to visit this morning with their young children.  They were particularly interested in seeing the trains and David, my grandson. was very patient in showing them to the children.

One incident stood out in my mind.  The moms were telling their little sons to see the train and watch it go when one little two year old walked right over to the nativity close to the train table and picked up the baby and said, “See Mama.  It’s Jesus.”  I thought to myself that he knew what was important.  It wasn’t trains, it was Jesus, the real reason for the season.  I was glad this little boy could easily identify the real important message of Christmas.

Later he did watch the trains, but not until he had played with the Nativity and moved the characters around and made Jesus comfy in the stable.

This really got my attention.  I would haved guessed that the trains would have been the highlight of the visit.  I think the little boy was captivated by the fact that he could move the pieces of the nativity around.  I had the idea that he cannot do this at his home from something the mom said.  We always had nativities that were kid friendly and movable which is what Nancy has too.

I think this is one of the most special parts of Christmas for a young child and I am glad they were able to do that here during their visit.

Luke 2


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