Mark’s mom woke up after a horrible night and called for a doctor’s appointment.  Since Nancy had to take Anna to get her temporary crown worked on, I drove Shirley to the doctor’s office.  Nancy made me a map, but once she told me where it was I rememebered taking her there when I was here last.  After the doctor’s visit which was very short, I took her to the FedEx store so she could fax some papers for her work and then we went to the Pharmacy where her prescription was ready.  She was happy about this and all went well.

We came home and played school with Sarah for a little bit and then Rachel and Sarah and I went upstairs to work on a stocking for Nastaran and Weston and then I made lunch for everyone.

Nancy and Anna finally got home, but Anna was not feeling her best.  It took a really long time.

Then Mark arrived home and he and David went to work in the garage on one of David’s senior projects and Nancy, Sarah and Rachel went to the Commissary.

I decided to stay home and catch up on my blog and also work on the dishes and the last of the laundry.

After Nancy got home we had dinner and then Nancy and Mark shared their Christmas cards and letters.  Many of the people I remember from years ago.  Some of the letter were pretty heart rending, but others were encouraging.  All were a matter of prayer.

After devotions and prayer, we went to bed.

God bless you.



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