Some of the kids got up at 4:00 but had to go back to bed.  Finally we were all up at 7:00.

We started with opening stockings and then everyone got dressed for the day and we had breakfast.

After that we started to open the gifts.  David set up his big train all over the floor and used it to deliver gifts to people stopping the train in front of them.  We did this for a few hours.  Remember there were 10 people here so it took quite awhile as we waiting for each one to open the gift that had been delivered.  Then we took a break and Nancy and I worked on the dinner preparations.

After we ate we went back to the gift opening.  After that we had dessert.

Of course we had a few Christmas telephone calls and I was able to Face Time with both John and my sister in law in California which was very nice.  I could see Luke and Zoe open their gifts which was nice for me.

Lois was able to see the Christmas village Mark and Nancy got from her after Martin died and she enjoyed seeing the changes and the additions.  I was glad David explained it to her.

Then we went downstairs to have our final Christmas devotion and to watch an old, old movie we used to see when Nancy was a little kid.  I had forgotten it, but she had not.

Now it is time for bed and the close of a special celebration of Christ’s birth.

I hope your day was a blessed on too.

God bless you.


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