We had a busy day today getting ready for the big 12 days of CHristmas party tomorrow afternoon.  We made all sorts of desserts, cookies, village cakes and cheesecakes.  Nancy went to Costco an the Commissary.  The boys all got a haircut, Mark included.

And Mark and Nancy went out to dinner for their 24th wedding anniversary.  I can remember when they got married Nancy wanted to do it on Christmas Eve, but I vetoed her plan as we had so many traditions on that day at the church and it was such a busy day for her father so she relented and chose the 27th.  I never stopped to consider if this was hurting her feelings, but it worked out for the best I thought.

I can’t really describe the party until tomorrow night since I don’t quite know how it goes.  I do know about the food and that seems the best thing for me to know at this point.

We did some cleaning and  Mark and David worked on David’s senior project which is a hovercraft.  They got more materials yesterday and worked on getting them cut and ready for David to work on by himself the rest of vacation.

I think that will work out well for him.

I am glad the day was productive.  I hope your day was as well.

God bless you.


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