December 27, 2014

Today was my daughter’s twenty-fourth wedding anniversary.  I remember well how she wanted to get married on Christmas Eve and I vetoed the idea.  I never thought whether or not she was upset by my proclamation.  I was only thinking of her dad and his responsibilities.

Isn’t that strange that just today I thought of that possibility for the first time.  It just shows where my priorities were and they were not on Nancy, but they probably should have been.

‘I think it is so easy to get your priorities mixed up and to think of what you think is important from your viewpoint and not from the viewpoint of others.  I have tried to think more about this lately than I did in the past, but I am equally certain that I should continue to think about it more now too.

It is so easy to get off track or sidetracked if we don’t keep thinking about what our priorities should be and what God wants them to be.  I know that for me this is a problem.  All through this past year and the three months prior to that I have thought mostly about my own priorities and my schoolwork.  I need to work on getting back on track and thinking about others now that my studies are finished.  I am so thankful for that and I want to work out a real list of those priorities and really put my energy into them so I can show forth God’s love in a new and different way when I get home to Cordova in January.

Thankfully, it is never too late to get back on track.



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