Today was a rather laid back day overall.  I think everyone was a little tired from all of the preparations for all of the events.

David had invited several friends over to play a game, but only half of them came so he had to switch gears and play something different.  We had so much food left over we just fed it to them but there were no objections.

Anna and Sarah went out for Chinese for a special time and Rachel had a friend who spent the night after the party last night.

I played with Sarah in the afternoon and got the knitting project for Rachel back on track.

I read about being able to give a gift to the church without taxes, but even though I filled out the pages I could not get it to print so I am going to hae to try again tomorrow.  I forgot to call Compassion also so I have to do that in the morning as well.

I think I am not used to thinking along these lines so I need to get myself in gear for this.

I have it on my list for tomorrow.

It was a nice relaxing day which is good.

God bless you.



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