Mark and I got up early and went into Washington DC to take pictures of the monuments and memorials with the sunrise in the background.  It was very interesting and we both got some great shots.  I was thinking about A new way of seeing as this is our last topic for Digital Photography at school and I thought this would be a great opportunity to get some ideas for the students.

Then in the afternoon we went on another walk with everyone in the family through a site nearby.  All told the two excursions amounted to about four and a half miles.

I have been working on the photos for Mark’s website since we got back and I have been sitting down so that has given my back a rest.

Taking all those pictures has made me think a lot about photographs in Cordova and I know what I want to do for my personal project, but I also know I have to write it out and be very intentional or I will never do it.

I know for myself that writing things out and making lists and mind maps are the key to accomplishing something or anything.  That is how I got through all the college classes and I need to apply that to my daily life or I will end up ultimately disappointing myself and not accomplishing what I want to do.

I need to start work on my monthly party ideas too.

I pray today was a good day for you

God bless you.


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