The New Year

For the last two years I have written on a specific topic daily.  In 2013 I worked on the idea of how to increase happiness in my life.  Last year I worked on daily devotional ideas.

This year I want to work on the idea of parties.  I want to plan at least one party a month and include recipes, and theme ideas and all sorts of other ideas to make it successful.

Since I spent Christmas with my daughter and her family in Virginia this year I was involved in several parties they had and it was a lot of fun.  I saw how much enjoyment these parties brought to the guests and I also had the joy of helping prepare and bake lots of food for them.

Since I was so busy last year working on my Graduate Program in Sociology and had so many exams, papers and assignments to complete I did not get much cooking or baking for other accomplished and I really missed it.

I want to combine my love for being in the kitchen with the idea of  bringing joy and happiness to others this year and this is my plan for my other blog.

I am not sure I will be blogging on it daily, but it will certainly be many more times than just once a month as the plans, etc all come together.  I hope it will bring joy to others and help me be intentional and organized in bringing joy to people in Cordova.



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