Today is Anna’s birthday.  Nancy made her a special breakfast and I made a pavlova for her dessert at her request.

We went to the performance of “The Great Divorce” by C. S. Lewis in Washington D. C.

It was an amazing production.  The playwright used three actors who portrayed 22 different roles in the 90 minute performance. Much of it was directly from the book which I had read long, long ago.

It was very well done and after the performance the playwright came out and answered questions from the audience for about 10 minutes. They had originally planned 9 performances in D. C., but it stretched into 17 which just shows the popularity of the play.  Earlier they had done “The Screwtape Letters” also by C. S. Lewis.

The thing about the play was that it really wa thought provoking and made you consider all sorts of ideas. Since I have been also reading in my new Bible with comments and quotes by C. S. Lewis it was especially intriguing to me.

I am going to look through the Bible to find some of the comments and quotes from The Great Divorce.

George MacDonald was also one of the main characters in the performance and I have read many, many of his books also long ago.

I think being prodded to consider issues on a deeper level is a good thing and one I personally need in my life.

I was thankful for this unique opportunity.  The play is also being performed across America in Seattle, San Francisco as well as in other locations.  Piper said it was performed at Sterling College, but Nancy and I can’t figure out if it is the same play or a different one.  Who knows for certain?

May God bless you.


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