Everyone went back to their typical schedule today and the house was a lot quieter.  Since my daughter had to take her mother in law to a big appointment, I was home by myself for the most part, but it was good since this is the way my life typically is in Cordova.

I thought a lot about why being alone makes a lot of people feel sad, depressed and lonely.  I think it does not usually affect me this way because I always have so much to do.  I also try to make a really conscious decision not to feel sad whenever those feelings threaten me.  If I can stop and remember Bible verses that encourage me I feel better and do not succumb to those feelings.  I also think it is important for me to be proactive and seek what to do to keep those feelings at bay. If I want to talk to someone, I need to be the one to make the call, not wait for them to call me.  If I want to find out how things are going for my family, I need to be the one to initiate finding out and not feel badly that I don’t know.  It is easy to fall into this rut, but I have seen firsthand in others how devastating it can be and I am determined not to find myself in a similar rut.

I hope my friends will call me out on this if I slip up and fall.

God bless you as you seek to live a proactive life this year.


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