I’ve been thinking about peanutbutter.  I never liked it as a kid and only came to consider it in my late teens.  But now I really like peanutbutter sandwiches, especially with raspberry jam or orange marmalade.  It’s funny how your taste change.  But that’s not what I have been thinking about concerning peanutbutter.

What I have been wondering is about peanutbutter allergies.  I can’t remember anyone being allergic when I was growing up and now it seems like there are lots of people who are allergie to the point that we have signs up everywhere warning people not to bring peanutbutter in the room.  I wonder if other kids even eat peanutbutter sandwiches at school any more.  ‘

I wonder if people were allergic and didn’t know it, yet I don’t remember anyone being rushed to a hsopital after eating or being in a room with peanutbutter either.  Is there something in our DNA that makes people allergic now when it didn’t occur long ago?  Is peanubutter made differently now so there is a great possibility of being allergic?  It is just so strange and something I have been pondering for quite some time.

Oh, I don’t waste huge quantities of time on the subject, but I do think about it, especially when I am in the kitchen and I really want to make peanutbutter/banana/chocolate chip muffins.

I may never know the answer to my question, but I suspect that I will keep wondering.

God bless you.


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