I am a true out of the box thinker.  I love to come up with solutions to problems and to find ways to make things happen.  But with this type of thinking you often run into roadblocks and today was no exception.

I had come up with a solution for a prospective student and I thought it truly would work.  I still think it will work, but there is definitely going to be a need for changing some of the aspects of my solution.  This is not a truly big deal, but the real issue today was that the rules have changed again.

I get frustrated when it is hard to keep up with the rules.  I don’t feel frustrated when my out of the box solutions don’t work, but when it is due to rule changes it is a little more complex and a little more disconcerting.

I think I should think of it as a new opportunity to make the solution work and to find a way to turn the out of the box answer to the problem into a solution that can be used again in another situation.  Like most things, it is all in the way you look at it and to focus on the rule changes doesn’t really do any good.  You still have to come up with a different take on the solution in order to get it accepted so finding a way to fine-tune it is a far better approach.

I am truly thankful that it should not take long to make these changes in the morning since I only found out this information too late to make them this afternoon.  I know the solution will be what the student needs and it will help others too.  I am thankful for that.

I pray you can find good solutions to problems you confront and make them work for you.

God bless you.


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