The progressive dinner was tonight and it went really well.  There were about 25 people who moved from house to house.  There were some kids, but for the most part it was adults.  I asked one woman where her daughter and granddaughter were and she said that the daughter stayed home as she thought it would be a sit down meal at each house and she did not think her preschooler could deal with that.  The evening was anything but a sit down type of affair.  Kids were moving all over the house and having fun and adults were in small groups talking and moving in and out of groups.  The mother commented that her daughter would have loved the evening and she wished she had been in attendance.

I was struck by how easy it would have been to clear up this misconception and to have been there.  All it would have taken was a simple phone call to ask how the evening was going to go.

I wonder how often people have this type of misunderstanding and how easy it would have been to clear up the misconception.  It seems like all too often in our world people just make assumptions and often they are really erroneous.  Maybe those who are in charge of an event should try to encourage people to call if they are not sure how things will proceed and maybe we need to convey more information at the outset.  I’m not sure.  I just know we could possibly try to clear these situations up and then more people would be able to come and take part and really enjoy it.

God bless you as you work to clear up misunderstandings.


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